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One Source, One Responsibility
Our Aftermarket Parts Department can supply you with any replacement part needed for your Ecodyne Water Treatment System as well for many competitors' designs. Our archives date back over 50 years providing us with a wealth of historical information to meet your replacement part needs.

Stock Inventory
The following parts are in our warehouse and available for immediate shipment:

  • Strainer Assemblies- Stainless Steel, Special Alloys, Plastic, Retrofits
  • Clarifier Components- Bearing Liners, Seal Strips and Shear Pins
  • Manway Components- Covers, Closures, and Gaskets
  • Deaerator Parts- Spray Valves, Tray Pans, Tray Cubes
  • Sight Glass Windows- High/Low Pressure Applications and Gaskets
  • Flow Proportioners
  • Pantograph Assemblies

Non-Stock Inventory
The following parts are fabricated according to original specifications and drawings to suit your specific needs.

  • Clarifier Components- Impellers, Drive Shafts, Bearings, Detention Hood Panels, Gears, Fabricated Internals, Drives, Speed Reducers
  • Vessels- Underdrain Header/Laterals, Distributors, Resin Traps, Basket Strainers and Sight Windows
  • Deaerator Components- Internals, Vacuum Breakers, and Level & Control Components
  • Lamella Components- Replacement Plates, Valves and Mixers
  • Degasifier Components- Tower Packing, Internal Components

Replacement Components
We can supply complete replacements or repair kits for most manufacturer's major components.

  • Valves- Butterfly, Ball, Needle and Globe
  • Actuators - Pneumatic and Electric
  • Pumps- Centrifugal and Positive Displacement
  • Motors
  • Mixers
  • Chemical Feeders- Packaged or Custom
  • Instrumentation - Transmitters, Switches, Relays, Timers, PLC, etc.

Media for:

  • Filters, Softeners, Ion Exchange and Oil/Water Separators
  • Filter Sand- from AWWA approved mine sites
  • Filter Anthracite - from AWWA approved mine sites
  • Activated Carbon- Coal or coconut based
  • Walnut Shell Filters
  • Oleophilic Resins- for Trisep and ELF applications
  • Ion Exchange Resins- Powdered, WAC, SAC, WBA, SBA

Ecodyne also supplies parts and/or services for most competitor's equipment.